oneNav’s pureL5 receiver dramatically improves the accuracy and reliability of location-dependent services


Today’s mobile positioning technologies often place users on the wrong side of the street or even the wrong block, making rideshare services very difficult to use. oneNav enables riders to match up with their drivers more effectively in downtown areas and other heavily blocked environments.


Knowing where you are or which direction to go on your navigation application is sometimes difficult. How frustrating it is to come out of building and begin walking, only to reach an intersection and realize the other direction was the correct one! oneNav’s always-available GNSS positioning and superior accuracy enable reliable turn-by-turn directions.


First responders need to accurately pinpoint the location of accidents to get to the right place quickly. oneNav’s reliable positioning and high accuracy get the right location information to ambulances, fire, and police as soon as possible.


More and more moving assets need to be tracked with precision. oneNav enables accurate position reporting for a wide range of asset tracking applications.