oneNav – Showing Off at IoN

oneNav impressed Institute of Navigation attendees with downtown Denver pureL5 demo

Sunnyvale, California, 6 October 2022
– Silicon Valley, California-based technology company oneNav showed off its pureL5 GNSS receiver technology at the September 2022 Institute of Navigation (IoN) conference. More than 30 attendees from four continents observed the pureL5 Customer Evaluation System (CES) get high accuracy location fixes using only L5 signals in what must be considered a rather hostile GNSS environment. Although surrounded by buildings on all sides, including the 37-story Hyatt Regency hotel, the 2.2 million sq. ft. Denver Convention Center, and the 483-foot-high Spire Condo building, multipath was no match for the oneNav massively parallel array processor and sophisticated AI algorithms. Static accuracy showed 5-10 meters consistently, while dynamic drive testing through the deep urban downtown canyons generally put the tracking path on the correct side of the road.

ION’s international membership includes professional navigators, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, cartographers, and meteorologists. All who observed the oneNav demo came away knowing that the high accuracy single-frequency GNSS future they’ve waited for is here today.

About oneNav

oneNav is powering high performance positioning for location-dependent mobile services. The oneNav team comprises top GNSS experts from Qualcomm, Apple, Intel, SnapTrack, SiRF, Trimble and eRide with decades of GNSS and mobile industry experience. The team has expertise in GNSS system architecture, multipath mitigation, signal processing, ASIC design and AI/machine learning, and collectively has filed over 300 career GNSS patents. Investors include Google Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners and GSR Ventures. To learn more, please visit

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Ellen Kirk
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