oneNav’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine can improve deep urban GNSS accuracy by 2-3x


Sunnyvale, California, 29 August 2022 –
Silicon Valley, California-based technology company oneNav today released field test data demonstrating the current release of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine improving deep urban GNSS position accuracy by 2-3x at a 95% confidence level. The L5-direct™ GNSS receiver customer evaluation system (CES) on average produced 5-meter or better accuracy in San Francisco financial district driving tests. The L5-direct CES demonstrates only L5 code phase to show baseline accuracy, directly acquiring the L5 signal without relying on L1. Adding the use of carrier phase will improve accuracy and adding additional sensors will smooth performance even further.







Multipath signal bounces comprise a significant portion of GNSS positioning errors in difficult signal environments, such as urban canyons, because they traditionally are difficult to correct. oneNav’s trained AI engine can produce Excess Path Length (EPL) corrections to improve position accuracy in these types of environments. An AI engine which uses L5 signals is better than a similar engine using L1 signals, because the L5 signal is able to resolve non-overlapping reflections that L1 cannot.

oneNav L5-direct GNSS CES field tests currently are in process with major OEMs and silicon companies in South Korea, China, Europe and throughout California. Are you interested in evaluating the world’s only direct L5 acquisition for mobile, wearables, and IoT devices? Please email Ellen Kirk at – we’ll talk.

About oneNav

oneNav is enabling AI-powered next generation GNSS silicon. Based in California, oneNav is developing L5-direct™ GNSS receiver technology for smartphones, wearables, drones, tracking devices, and more and has built a large L5-band patent portfolio. oneNav’s team comprises top GNSS experts from Qualcomm, Apple, Intel, SnapTrack, SiRF, Trimble and eRide. With extensive experience in GNSS system architecture, multipath mitigation, signal processing, ASIC design and AI/machine learning, oneNav engineers have designed and built billions of GNSS receivers on the market today and have collectively filed over 300 career GNSS patents. World-class VC investors include Google Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and IQT.

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