L5 LIVE – live tracking of L5 band satellites

Real time L5-band satellite tracking

Welcome to oneNav live tracking of L5-band GNSS satellites. Our Sky Map shows the availability of L5-band signals at our office in Tampere, Finland. A oneNav receiver is capable of receiving all L5-band signals from the GPS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS constellations.

The center of the sky view target depicts the sky view at 90°, directly above the receiver. Each subsequent elevation circle moving away from the center decreases by 15° until it meets the horizon at 0°.

The strength of each registered signal is measured as a signal to noise ratio (SNR) expressed in dB-Hz. The higher the dB-Hz value, the stronger the signal, illustrated here as color-coded bars. The SNR strength bars seen in the chart belong to a sample pool of signals used in location decoding. Since only 3-4 satellites are used in the decoding process, the number of signals visible on the sky map and in the bar chart far exceed the essential number of signals needed to define the exact coordinates.

Tampere, Finland


GPS L5 satellite signal

Galileo (GAL) E5a/E5b satellite signal

BeiDou (BDS) B2a satellite signal

QZSS L5 satellite signal

Signal used in location decoding

Signal not used in location decoding