oneNav is the only single frequency L5 GNSS receiver on the market. pureL5TM leverages all the advantages of L5 without the antenna subsystem complexity, and doubling of RF front end area, cost and power needed by dual frequency L1/L5 hybrids.

L5 advantages without L1 limitations
oneNav’s pureL5TM GNSS receiver leverages all the benefits of L5. oneNav acquires L5 directly, and tracks on L5, utilizing the full 50MHz of data available. Wideband (dual sideband) signal processing enables higher precision and better multipath resolution than existing single sideband receivers.

oneNav pureL5TM works with the GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS navigation satellite constellations, whose transmissions are globally interoperable.

Simplified single frequency design
oneNav doesn’t require the dual RF front end that hybrid L1/L5 receivers do. oneNav’s pureL5TM receiver uses a single RF chain to receive wideband L5 signals, enabling OEMs to reduce their RF footprint, power consumption and cost.

oneNav’s breakthrough acquisition engine architecture
Direct L5 acquisition is challenging because L5 has much more information to decode. Conventional L1 receivers cannot directly acquire the L5 signal. oneNav has invented a massively parallel signal processing engine—a GPU for GNSS—that can directly acquire L5 with one second TTFF.

For more information about oneNav’s unique pureL5TM GNSS receiver, click here to download our White Paper.

oneNav pureL5TM GNSS uses AI smarts to exploit multipath
Multipath, which is prevalent in urban environments, is the greatest source of GNSS position errors. oneNav uses AI/Machine Learning to tackle multipath errors, utilizing all GNSS signals, including multipath signals, to get the very best accuracy. By utilizing unique channel characteristics from the oneNav pureL5TM receiver, oneNav’s Machine Learning models infer positions using RF pattern matching.

For more information about how oneNav utilizes multipath signals to improve accuracy, click here to download our White Paper.

oneNav pureL5TM GNSS—flexible & scalable
oneNav delivers its pureL5TM GNSS receiver as a licensed IP core, giving designers the flexibility to integrate oneNav into modems, applications processors or other semiconductor devices. oneNav is a scalable receiver platform, enabling designers to implement whatever combination of performance and power consumption that their design requires.


High Performance

Simplified Design


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1290 Hammerwood ave. Suite D Sunnyvale, CA 94089

1290 Hammerwood ave. Suite D Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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